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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pharmacy Tech 101-Education Wars

We are not here to battle it out with the patient on 
who knows more on your medication and how it works for you,
it is "your medication" and only "you know how it works"...and "why you got it" (at least your suppose to)

here comes the "but"

We know our computer system
(minus the times it decides to freeze on us...
then that is the stores thing not use directly)
and when it tells us "you can not" get your medication ... 
(for whatever the reason may be and there are many different reasons)
it means exactly that.

I'm not staring at a blank screen just feeding you random crap...
(like the stories we have been told)

When you hand us a card to use towards your prescription, and we read it, interrupt it, and explain it back to you...
whether it is what you want to hear or may not want to hear
We aren't trying to play the game.."I'm Smarter Than The Patient"

I would never call you "stupid","dumb b****h", "annoying", or "moron""your just a Type A Personality" (thats the best one I heard so far lol)...
like people call our techs
(to my knowledge I haven't been called that yet...lol)

I learn something new everyday, I'm still fresh in the game...
some days I learn stuff I would rather not...lol
I have no problem calling the insurance, the card, or you back personally to figure it out the problem at hand

But tell me...next time you need your medicine...

Would want to take your prescription to a place where 
You ask: "When can I get my prescription refilled again?"
My reply was: "I dont know you stupid dumb annoying ass, dont you remember that last time you got your medication or did you just go through them like they were candy?"

I dont think you would. 

Cut us some slack, we are trying to help you not make it worse :)

"We can's solve problems, by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them"~

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