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Friday, December 16, 2011

Pharmacy 101-Whats My Name?

I have pet peeve that must be told....
When you come to pick up your prescriptions, does driving 
through our drive thru make you lose your smarts?

Five out of ten people will drive up and this is what happens...

Me: "Hi, How can I help you?"
Patient: "Yes I'm here to pick up a prescription"
(we sit there in silence for about the "longest 60 seconds ever!")
I give up...grrrrr
Me: "Is it for you? Or someone else?"
Patient: "Yes for me"
(again we sit....)
Me: "And your name is?"
It is like a light blub comes on......."oh"
Patient: "My name is ....."

So, I'm just suppose to know your name by heart?
Honestly, one day... I'm gonna just walk away...
Give you five minutes to think...
Come back and say "Did you member your name now?"

:)Gotta love my job!

~My Medicine Mayhem~

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