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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nights Out-Out of Your League

Last night went out with my girl and a friend, 
ready to paint the town red
(well in our town there are mainly only two main spots...lol)
Dress to impress.."black and yellow, black and yellow"
I was ready for some good times!
(we should of got pictures)

As we got to our first location, order drinks, and nabbed us a table...
...it began...
I had taken maybe 5 sips of my drink and we were hit on four times...in a row! It was like they were watching each other waiting for the next one to fall.
One guy didn't even give me a chance to say "no thanks", or ummm a single word...

Guy #3: "You ladies have a man?"
(I turned to see who was talking to us)
Me: "Umm..." 
(didnt even finish saying it, was doe and over in like 5 seconds)
Guy #3: "Ok"
(and walked off...lol)

Seriously, it is great to get the attention and feel wanted 
We weren't asking for it, weren't batting our eyes at anyone, and were not out to find someone
It was our girls night out to cut loose, have fun, and no drama.
(lol boy was I asking for too much)

Of all the ones who did try to talk to us, only one stood out...
...not the one trying to buy us "drinks"
...not the one trying to get a dance bc we "look like we can move"
...not the one calling us "sexy" or "your hot"
...not the one asking if "I had a man" 
(not one will I remember again to be honest)

The one who said I just wanted to say "hi, how was things"
That was it, nice conversation, friendly hug, and we went our ways...ran into him again on way out...it was a good meet and greet, again.

We had fun though and no real drama pointed to us directly...
the hitting on cont. a couple more times then they gave up or we were ignoring it better (not sure on that one...) 
It wasn't that I wouldn't talk to them...but if you cant come to respectfully why must I respect you and acknowledge your still there? 
Ran into some friends, 
had some dances, 
caught up one somethings, 
froze my ass off!
Night well spent! ;)

~My Medicine Mayhem~

Friday, December 16, 2011

Coupon Tips 101:Walgreens 12/16/11

Today I ventured out to Walgreen's to score some deals...

This is what I got:

5 Revlon Nail Polishes (spit out $3 register rewards, plus $1 coupon off (used 5))
2 Finish Dish Tabs (spit out $1.50 register reward, plus $1.00 coupon off (used 2))
2 Playtex Sport (sale for $2.99. plus $1.00 coupon off (used 2))
6 Boxes of Cereal (sale 2/$4, plus $1.00 coupon off 2 (used 3))
4 Pain Patches (spit out $1.00 register reward)
2 Thermal Care Wraps (spit out $5 register reward, plus $5.00 coupon off 2 (used one))
4 Cover Girl Make Up (buy one get one half off, plus $1.00 coupon off (used 4)
2 Lysol Wipes (sale $2.99)
1 All Laundry Soap Big Bottle (sale 8.99, spits out $1.00 register reward, plus $.50 off coupon (used one))
4 Cans of Soup (sale 4/$5, plus $1.00 coupon off 4 (used one))
4 Axe Deodorant (sale $2.49, spit out $2 off of 2 and can use then)
1 Snuggle Softener (sale $3.99, plus coupon .75 off (used one))
1 Q Tips
2 Dental Brushes (sale $2.99, spit out $2 register reward)
2 Dental Floss Sticks (sale $2.99, spit out $2 register reward)
3 Goodie Hair Items (sale $2.00, spit out $2.00 register reward)

Spent $63.00 on 43 items  
$205 worth of stuff!!!! 

Sales end Sunday 12/18/11
Revlon ends 12/31/11

Pharmacy 101-Whats My Name?

I have pet peeve that must be told....
When you come to pick up your prescriptions, does driving 
through our drive thru make you lose your smarts?

Five out of ten people will drive up and this is what happens...

Me: "Hi, How can I help you?"
Patient: "Yes I'm here to pick up a prescription"
(we sit there in silence for about the "longest 60 seconds ever!")
I give up...grrrrr
Me: "Is it for you? Or someone else?"
Patient: "Yes for me"
(again we sit....)
Me: "And your name is?"
It is like a light blub comes on......."oh"
Patient: "My name is ....."

So, I'm just suppose to know your name by heart?
Honestly, one day... I'm gonna just walk away...
Give you five minutes to think...
Come back and say "Did you member your name now?"

:)Gotta love my job!

~My Medicine Mayhem~

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pharmacy Tech 101-Education Wars

We are not here to battle it out with the patient on 
who knows more on your medication and how it works for you,
it is "your medication" and only "you know how it works"...and "why you got it" (at least your suppose to)

here comes the "but"

We know our computer system
(minus the times it decides to freeze on us...
then that is the stores thing not use directly)
and when it tells us "you can not" get your medication ... 
(for whatever the reason may be and there are many different reasons)
it means exactly that.

I'm not staring at a blank screen just feeding you random crap...
(like the stories we have been told)

When you hand us a card to use towards your prescription, and we read it, interrupt it, and explain it back to you...
whether it is what you want to hear or may not want to hear
We aren't trying to play the game.."I'm Smarter Than The Patient"

I would never call you "stupid","dumb b****h", "annoying", or "moron""your just a Type A Personality" (thats the best one I heard so far lol)...
like people call our techs
(to my knowledge I haven't been called that yet...lol)

I learn something new everyday, I'm still fresh in the game...
some days I learn stuff I would rather not...lol
I have no problem calling the insurance, the card, or you back personally to figure it out the problem at hand

But tell me...next time you need your medicine...

Would want to take your prescription to a place where 
You ask: "When can I get my prescription refilled again?"
My reply was: "I dont know you stupid dumb annoying ass, dont you remember that last time you got your medication or did you just go through them like they were candy?"

I dont think you would. 

Cut us some slack, we are trying to help you not make it worse :)

"We can's solve problems, by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them"~